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4Corners Home Inspection is your best option when it comes to choosing a home inspector. Over 30 years of homebuilding and home repair experience and the latest Professional Home Inspection Institute guarantee competent and thorough inspections EVERY TIME.

4Corners holds membership of NSHI “National Society of Home Inspectors”...
Membership entails the following standards:
1. The home inspector will always act in good faith when dealing with a client.

2. The home inspector will not disclose the results of a home inspection to any other party without client approval.

3. The home inspector will not express an opinion unless it is based on fact, education, or experience.

. The home inspector will not accept compensation from more than one interested party for the same service without the consent of all interested parties.

5. The home inspector will not accept commissions or allowances from other parties involved with the real estate transaction.

6. The home inspector will maintain truth in advertising, marketing, and promotion of services or qualifications.

7. The home inspector will not advise a client whether or not to buy a property after the home inspection.

8. The home inspector will immediately disclose any observed immediate safety hazards to occupants exposed to such hazards.

9. The home inspector will comply with any inquiry or compliance requirement by a state home inspector regulatory body.

10. The home inspector will not aid or assist another in the violation of this Code of Ethics.